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It’s easy to feel lost when a loved one shows symptoms of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, severe depression or related illnesses.

Akin Mental Health shows you the way, step-by-step. As a caring family member, you are a critical piece of your loved one’s recovery — we’ll show you how.

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Akin is not a crisis service. Let's get you to the right place.
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The Akin Family Program

Connect with people who understand

You don’t have to do this alone. Through Akin, you’ll meet people just like you who care about a loved one with severe mental illness. They get what you’re going through, and have lots of personal experience to share with you.

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Learn new ways to face challenges

There are skills that can help you help your loved one manage their mental health. Akin provides you with proven ways to make progress, even if your loved one is resisting treatment, is uninvolved, or has complicated care needs.

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See that recovery is possible

Science shows that your involvement and compassion are an important part of your loved one’s treatment and recovery. You deserve support so you can manage stress, communicate better, and prepare for what’s ahead.

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How Akin works

Transform your approach to mental illness

  • Live weekly workshops led by knowledgeable Guides
  • Support from experienced peers and a welcoming community
  • Scientifically-designed lessons available anytime, anywhere
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“Akin has really been a place to educate myself. To feel empowered and get support by other family members. To know that I’m not alone in this means the world to me. I really am so thankful to have this for myself.”
“It was helpful to hear that someone has been where I am now. Hearing that your loved ones are living productive lives has given me hope for my daughter.”
“Very informative and really eye opening. I’ve definitely told my sister that she’s being dramatic, etc before and that lesson made me realize how important it is to listen and allow people to let things out.”
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Who we are

Akin is a group of scientists, tech developers, and other experts in effective mental health programs. Many of us have supported family members who have severe mental illness, and we all bring deep empathy and understanding to everything we do.

Stephanie Greer, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Stephanie holds a PhD in neuroscience from UC Berkeley, and has led development of evidence based digital health products at Apple health special projects and Hopelab, and has consulted for many digital health startups.

Matthew Montañez

Co-founder and CTO

Matt has spent his career over the past 15 years building software at scale and leading technical teams. He has developed and implemented the technical strategy for multiple top App Store Health and Fitness apps.

Charlie Davidson, PhD

Clinical Lead

Charlie is a clinical psychologist with a PhD from Nebraska. For 15+ years, he has worked on psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery for and with people experiencing SMI, psychosis, and extreme states and their communities. He wrote a book on the topic and is active in research, advocacy, and professional leadership roles.

Kacey Ballard, PhD

Product Design Lead

Kacey has a PhD in Psychology from Stanford and a successful track record of design and product leadership at companies like Lumosity, Google, and Instagram.

Brittany Bolejack

Akin Guide

Brittany has championed personal and professional development during her 15 years in Human Resources. She is also a daughter, granddaughter, mother, and friend to many loved ones with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. She is passionate about sharing hope and supporting through the heartache that so many of us experience.

Shirley Glynn, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Glynn is a Research Psychologist at UCLA who has spent the past twenty years conducting research on psychosocial interventions, most especially family interventions, supported employment and social skills training, to support recovery from schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses.

We're on a mission to meaningfully improve the wellbeing of families affected by severe mental illness.

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Common questions


Who is this service for?

Akin Mental Health provides services for anyone who cares for someone with a mental illness. You may be a daughter, son, mother, father, spouse, sibling, or friend.

Why is this service for family and friends?

No one should have to deal with a mental illness alone. Support from family and friends is so important for recovery.

But family and friends are so often in the dark. Not knowing how to help, or how to get support for their own struggles and stress. This purpose of Akin Mental Health is to empower the family support system so that everyone can recover together.

What if I have a mental illness?

We do not provide medical, psychotherapy or other clinical services to those experiencing mental illness. Akin Mental Health services are designed for family and friends of someone experiencing mental illness. If you are a family or friend supporting a loved one with mental illness and also experience mental illness yourself, you may find our support group and resource offerings useful in your role as a caregiver for your loved one.

Does Akin provide treatment?

No. Our Guides do not provide medical, psychotherapy, or other clinical services, nor do we provide advice on specific courses of treatment, medications, or products.

Who are the Guides?

Akin Guides are family members, like you, with experience navigating care for loved ones with severe mental illness. We use a unique framework to help you uncover tools and resources relevant to your personal situation and relationship with your loved one.

How much does it cost?

Membership to Akin is $89.99 per month. We offer a one-week free trial so that you can determine whether or not our service is right for your needs.

How long will it take to see benefits?

Members gain helpful information for their personal situation within their first week during their Welcome Call and in their first Workshop. Within 12 weeks, members will have learned Akin's core curriculum which will empower them to manage stress, improve relationships with their loved one, and navigate the mental healthcare system.

Can multiple family caregivers join with one account?

Yes. Additional family and friends are welcome to join the Welcome Call and Workshops with a single membership.

Do you have any other questions or suggestions? Email us at