Speciality care for early psychosis: new hope for more and better access
Oct 10
6 min read
Decades of research show that specialized treatment teams can make a dramatic difference and set young adults with psychosis on a path of recovery. The problem is, until recently, there have been no sustainable payment models.
Mental illness impacts the whole family. Akin is a new approach to family support.
Aug 29
8 min read
Learn how Akin Mental Health is taking a new approach to getting the whole family working together when a loved one has a mental illness.
Are Parents to Blame for Mental Illness?
Jun 26
5 min read
Do you wonder if you’re to blame for your child’s mental health struggles? You’re not alone. Moving away from blame and shame is important for you and your child to create a path forward.
Can Trauma Cause Schizophrenia?
Jun 26
12 min read
The vulnerability-stress model shows how biology, trauma, and other stressors often combine to cause psychosis. Trauma-informed care is critical. Understanding biological vulnerabilities, stressors, and trauma can help carve a path toward recovery.
What does a manic episode look like?
Jun 20
8 min read
A manic episode is more than just a mood shift. This article explains what a manic episode is and how you can support your loved one during and after a manic episode.
What happens after calling 911 for a mental health crisis
Jun 15
7 min read
Calling 911 for a loved one can feel uncertain. Read what you can expect if you decide to call 911 for a mental health emergency and some important alternatives you can consider.
How To Get Someone Mental Health Help When They Refuse
Jun 14
16 min read
It can feel heartbreaking when a loved one refuses to seek treatment for their mental health. Learn how you can encourage your loved one to get the support they need.
Hearing Voices: 5 Things You Can Do If Someone You Care About Is Hearing Voices
May 23
5 min read
If your loved one tells you that they are hearing voices, here are 5 tips that you can follow to be supportive of their needs.
Anosognosia: A Practical Explanation for Families Navigating Schizophrenia
May 17
10 min read
Anosognosia is widely recognized as a common symptom of schizophrenia. Learn about anosognosia, what it means for your loved one, and how you can deal with it as a family member.
How to Help Someone with Schizophrenia
May 17
15 min read
Learn practical strategies and insights to help your loved one living with Schizophrenia navigate their journey towards recovery.
How to Help Motivate Someone When They Struggle with Mental Illness
May 17
6 min read
The link between motivation and mental illness is complex. Learn from an Akin Family Guide what you can do to support your loved one.
Support Groups for Families: What to Expect and Other Options
May 1
8 min read
Mental illness impacts the whole family. Getting support for yourself is important for your well-being and your loved ones’ recovery.
How to Talk to a Loved One with Depression
Dec 16
11 min read
It can feel vulnerable to open up about depression. Talking to someone about their depression can feel overwhelming, but it can also be a rewarding path to developing deeper connections in your life.
Bringing Awareness to Trauma, Growth and Life After Suicidal Ideation
Oct 21
9 min read
Stephanie Greer, co-founder and CEO of Akin Mental Health, shares a deeply personal story of trauma and growth.
Fireside Chats, Hope, and Anti-Stigma
Oct 6
4 min read
Charlie Davidson introduces the Akin Fireside Chat lived experience speaker series. These events will help you gain new perspective on what recovery can mean for your loved one.
The Remarkable Impact of Family on Recovery from Mental Illness
Jun 24
11 min read
When an adult has a mental illness, family and friends are often told there's nothing they can do to help or, worse, that they are to blame and need to "stay out of it". The science of recovery from mental illness tells a very different story.
Understanding a Loved One's Recovery from Mental Illness
May 12
7 min read
Whatever recovery means for your loved one, it means their goals must be supported by hope that the recovery process does work.
How to Get Help for a Loved One with Mental Illness
May 6
5 min read
In this article, I’ll help you understand which mental health services are available and appropriate to reach out to for help to support your loved one.
The Diagnosis Journey
Apr 28
3 min read
Receiving a diagnosis for a mental illness is more like the beginning of an ongoing journey than a destination.
When a Loved One Refuses Treatment
Mar 21
7 min read
There are steps that family members can take to de-escalate tensions in the household and guide their loved one towards treatment.
Family Caregiver Voices in Severe Mental Illness
May 1
5 min read
We surveyed 100 people with experiences with severe mental illnesses (SMI) through their own experience or a loved one in order to hear about the challenges that family caregivers face and draw wisdom from their experiences and advice.