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It was helpful to hear that someone has been where I am now. Hearing that your loved ones are living productive lives has given me hope for my daughter.
Akin has really been a place to educate myself. To feel empowered and get support by other family members. To know that I’m not alone in this means the world to me. I really am so thankful to have this for myself.
Very informative and really eye opening. I’ve definitely told my sister that she’s being dramatic, etc before and that lesson made me realize how important it is to listen and allow people to let things out.
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Common questions


Who is this service for?

Akin Mental Health provides services for anyone who cares for someone with a mental illness. You may be a daughter, son, mother, father, spouse, sibling, or friend.

Why is this service for family and friends?

No one should have to deal with a mental illness alone. Support from family and friends is so important for recovery.

However, family and friends are so often in the dark. Not knowing how to help, or how to get support for their own struggles and stress. This purpose of Akin Mental Health is to empower the family support system so that everyone can recover together.

What if I have a mental illness?

We do not provide medical, psychotherapy or other clinical services to those experiencing mental illness. Akin Mental Health services are designed for family and friends of someone experiencing mental illness. If you are a family or friend supporting a loved one with mental illness and also experience mental illness yourself, you may find our support group and resource offerings useful in your role as a supporter of your loved one.

Does Akin provide treatment?

No. Our Guides do not provide medical, psychotherapy, or other clinical services, nor do we provide advice on specific courses of treatment, medications, or products.

Who are the Guides?

Akin Guides are family members, like you, with experience navigating care for loved ones with severe mental illness. We use a unique framework to help you uncover tools and resources relevant to your personal situation and relationship with your loved one.

How much does it cost?

Membership to Akin can be purchased with several pricing options. We offer a one-week free trial so that you can determine whether or not our service is right for your needs.

Are program scholarships available?

Yes! We understand that mental illness affects families of all kinds. If the Akin Family Program is a fit for you but you cannot afford the monthly fee, you may be a candidate for our scholarship program. Each month we admit a select number of participants at reduced or no charge. Please complete this 3 minute survey to apply.

Can multiple family members join with one account?

Yes. Members can invite up to 3 guests to access all of the benefits of their membership.

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