Stephanie Greer, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Stephanie is the Co-founder and CEO of Akin Mental Health. She holds a PhD in neuroscience from UC Berkeley and has built a career translating insights from science into actionable tech products at innovative companies including Hopelab and Apple.


Akin Mental Health is Proudly Moving to Doro Mind
May 1
7 min read
I’m thrilled to announce that Akin Mental Health is proudly moving to become part of Doro Mind. Learn why I couldn’t imagine a more mission- and values-aligned home for Akin than Doro Mind to advance our vision of family support for SMI.
Mental illness impacts the whole family. Akin is a new approach to family support.
Aug 29
8 min read
Learn how Akin Mental Health is taking a new approach to getting the whole family working together when a loved one has a mental illness.
Anosognosia: A Practical Explanation for Families Navigating Schizophrenia
May 17
10 min read
Anosognosia is widely recognized as a common symptom of schizophrenia. Learn about anosognosia, what it means for your loved one, and how you can deal with it as a family member.
Bringing Awareness to Trauma, Growth and Life After Suicidal Ideation
Oct 21
9 min read
Stephanie Greer, co-founder and CEO of Akin Mental Health, shares a deeply personal story of trauma and growth.
The Remarkable Impact of Family on Recovery from Mental Illness
Jun 24
11 min read
When an adult has a mental illness, family and friends are often told there's nothing they can do to help or, worse, that they are to blame and need to "stay out of it". The science of recovery from mental illness tells a very different story.
How to Get Help for a Loved One with Mental Illness
May 6
5 min read
In this article, I’ll help you understand which mental health services are available and appropriate to reach out to for help to support your loved one.
Family Caregiver Voices in Severe Mental Illness
May 1
5 min read
We surveyed 100 people with experiences with severe mental illnesses (SMI) through their own experience or a loved one in order to hear about the challenges that family caregivers face and draw wisdom from their experiences and advice.